Setsuko & me

After having read this letter, you may have had the same surprise that I had at the time. There is little more I can add about this mysterious young lady. I only hope that more letters, and more notes, and more scenes, and more emotions will keep coming. So that I can continue telling this tale.
And, who knows, maybe someday I’ll find a way to communicate with her, and to return some with the thousands of questions that cross my mind. But, above all, to explain what we have created thanks to her.

Because of that, each of the stations that Setsuko has visited, and that are part of this journey, you will find them represented here, ink on handmade Japanese paper.
You will also see that, at each station, some of the traditional crafts of the prefecture where she is located are also present. This is something she does not mention in her letters, but which I have taken the liberty of adding.

I have always been passionate about Kōgei —traditional Japanese crafts— and its particular way of relating the passage of time, from one generation to the next. Since ancient times, the Japanese people have believed that a vital force resides in all creations. Even in those that, at first glance, seem inert.
And the mere fact that they are everyday objects does not prevent that, between their veins, between their threads or between their pores, countless stories and memories harbors in them.

So far, my chance encounter with Setsuko-san has helped me to understand that one should not live in the past, but should live the past. And to remember that its inherent wisdom does not distinguish between eras.

On a personal note, with this tale I would like to give a little back, and show my gratitude, to a nation that has given me so much. And that endlessly continues to make me feel things that I barely have words to express.

As you know, the phrases that appear in each of the notes are the interpretation, to a particular scene, of our traveler Setsuko. But each person can have their own, and they are all correct, they are all beautiful.
In fact, there may exist as many as travelers board the train.
Enjoy the way.. And see you on it!

Our mailbox

Through her letters, Setsuko-san manages that, for me, she is no longer a stranger. And perhaps even for her, I am not either.
‘Our mailbox’ is hers with me, but also yours, and mine.

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