Custom Kanji


We know that some are very cute and the others are so pretty, but if you don’t know which one to choose.. Don’t worry, we have the solution!


With the ‘Custom Kanji’, you will be able to choose your 3 favorite Kanji designs and wear them together in the same Tote Bag. And, also, you will be able to select the order in which you want them to appear one below the other.


Mind you, once you start thinking about which 3 designs and in what order, you will see that there are a myriad of combinations.
We said we had the solution.. But not that it was easy!



With the project ‘1,000 ways to wish Peace’, we want to ask 1,000 beings on our planet how they would wish peace to the world. And with their answers, to create natural cotton Tote Bags that you can take everywhere: to the library, to work, to the gym, to the beach, to go shopping..


With its dimensions of 38x42cm (15x17in) and its 8cm gusset (3in), it will allow you to carry all your essentials in comfort. And, having a high grammage, it can withstand (almost) anything you want to carry inside.
In its inner pocket, of 15x10cm (6x4in), you will be able to store small objects, and with the central clasp, secure the larger objects.


Their designs are created with the same long-lasting, archival pigments that we use to create our art prints, which you will find in the ‘Stations’ section.


Even though, maybe, the most essential thing, as you already know, is the importance of not using plastic bags.
The Tote Bags of our brand ARUSHŌ are made using canvas and graphic support that are completely biodegradable. And the pigments used are azo-free and innocuous for the environment.
Reuse, and that the same bag always goes with you, is what’s special!


We recommend machine washing, cold water, delicate cycle, mild detergent and with the Tote Bag turned inside out.

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