Prefectural set -Hiroshima-


Complete set of art prints on handmade Japanese paper. To be able to visit, thus, the 5 Stations of Hiroshima in a single trip.


Natural fibers and elements are used in the creation process, without the presence of acids or bleaches.
The pigments used, through the giclée process, are long-lasting and of archival quality.


Although the prints can be framed, perhaps the best way to enjoy the appearance and texture of Japanese paper is to hang it as a scroll. In this way, you can appreciate its virtues not only through sight, but also through touch and hearing.. and even smell!


In this link you will find custom made ‘Scroll Rods’, handcrafted using Paulownia wood and authentic Japanese Kakeo —string for hanging scrolls—:
With only one set of rods, you will be able to swap each of the 5 Stations at any time you wish.


Since it is a translucent handmade paper, it is recommended to hang the print with a white wall background, in order to emphasize the light of the Station and that of the paper itself. If the wall is dark, it is advisable to place a white sheet just behind the Station.



Stations founded in.. 

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